The Jungle That Hates 0-Level Character Creation

Instructions for my players for the start of the Amazing Future Tales campaign using SWN:

Before the game this Saturday, make up between 2 to 4 characters using these rules.

Ability Scores: Roll 3d6 six times, and assign the totals in order to Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma. Record the attribute modifier for each ability (see SWN rules). You may move points between scores, lowering abilities above 13 and raising abilities below 8 to even out your scores. No such modifications can lower a high score below 13 or raise a low one above 8.

Starting Credits: Spend 200 plus (1d6 x 50) credits on equipment of Tech Level 4 or lower. Any money unspent can be retained for later purchases.

Other Starting Stuff: You’re 0-level. You have no character class. You start with the following: 1d4 hit points, -100 XP, one background package, and a +0 modifier to attack rolls and saving throws.

Characters that survive the first adventure get dibs on forming the crew for the main campaign. Surviving characters get to pick a character class, get more skills and hit points, et cetera.

The Jungle That Hates 0-Level Character Creation

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