Amazing Future Tales

Victory of the Space Beast

Well, I’ve done a horrible job of keeping up with the adventure log. Here’s the short version:

The crew of the Aeschylus traveled to a space pirate headquarters called the Empty Graves to meet with Captain Ramsley, who was acting as the go-between the crew and Gu Jin, the ruthless master of the Space Beast. Gu Jin had spacejacked a shipment of gengineered grain bound for Glædwine. Negotiations were tense, and Gu Jin decided to up his ransom demands beyond what PULSaR was willing to pay. Through some clever maneuvering and an alliance with Ramsley, the crew swindled Gu Jin. The grain was recovered, the crew gained an ally in Ramsley, gained an enemy in Gu Jin, and uncovered reasons to not trust PULSaR.



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