Amazing Future Tales

Discovery of the Dome

After double-crossing Gu Jin, master of the Space Beast, the crew of the Aeschylus set off for an out-of-the-way sector, aiming for the asteroid belt in a dead system to investigate a Pre-Scream dome built onto and into an asteroid.

The crew arrived and investigated, finding themselves facing danger and mystery in a long-abandoned pleasure dome. Long story short, the crew looted some valuable items from the dome, fought and defeated the Space Beast, but not before Gu Jin launched a nuclear strike against the dome, destroying just minutes after the away team managed to escape.

The crew of the Aeschylus decided to take over the Space Beast and become independent contractors. They repaired the damage to the Space Beast and set off with plans to pull a get-rich-quick heist. Various dangerous acts of sabotage took place, and the crew discovered that Gu Jin had managed to hide aboard the Space Beast, avoiding the fate of the rest of his crew.

This session was an experiment in combining Stars Without Number and Fiasco, using a modified Playset that you can find at this link:

Scream of the Space Beast



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