Amazing Future Tales

Every issue of Amazing Future Tales focuses on a new, exciting story about the employees of P-ULSaR, those brave men and women who travel the cosmos, finding adventure, fame, and fortune among the stars without number!

Issue 1

The Jungle That Hates: What happens when the personnel of a remote research facility find themselves besieged by murderous xenobeasts?

The story continues with Carnage at Camp Goodall!

The story concludes: The Jungle Hates No More?!

Issue 2

Dissolved in the Crater of Love: What happened to the personnel of Moonbase Xerxes? How could more than 100 people simply disappear?

Confronting Mårten: The end of the mystery of Moonbase Xerxes.

Issue 3

Victory of the Space Beast: The ruthless pirate crew of the Space Beast has stolen a vital shipment of gengineered grain. Can the heroes retrieve the grain before a colony starves?

Issue 4

Discovery of the Dome: An asteroid mining crew has discovered a Pre-Scream dome built within a massive cave on an enormous asteroid. Can the heroes unlock the secrets of the dome?

Thrill-Packed Future Issues!

The Immortal Doorway: An apparently stable wormhole has been discovered. Could it hold the secrets to revolutionizing space travel?

Embattled by the Exterminator of Canopus: A routine courier mission to Canopus turns into the desperate fight against the Exterminator. Can our heroes survive?

The Timeless Library of the Void: The library ship Alexandria, lost in space centuries ago, has been discovered in deep space. Can the heroes get to the Alexandria and claim her for salvage before anyone else does?

The Delicate Brain Thieves: A world’s leading scientists are being preyed upon by someone or something that surgically removes their brains. Can the heroes put a stop to these terrible crimes?

Amazing Future Tales

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